Sunken ships: Top 10

The words “shipwreck” or “sunken ship” for most people instantly bring to mind pictures of wooden pirate ships on the bottom of the sea, from the sides of which treasure falls out. However, in fact, sunken wooden ships of antiquity are the exception rather than the rule.

According to the UN, nowadays there are about 3 million sunken ships at the bottom of the oceans and seas. Some were wrecked during the war, others due to poor visibility or accidents, and still others were deliberately scuttled.

10. Frigate 356, Cayman Brac

The main component of the ship is aluminum. Thanks to him, the hull is practically not touched by the rust.

In the waters of Cayman Brac Island, 240 kilometers south of the Cuban Islands, at a depth of 11 to 28 meters, rests Frigate 356, a sunken ship-ghost splitted in two pieces. The ship was built in the Soviet Union in the early 80s, when the Cold War was coming to an end.

The frigate had been transferred to the Cuban navy while the USSR collapse. Then for 10 years, the ship had been docking as a scrap metal off the coast of Cuba. In the end, it was sold to the Cayman Islands, which deliberately scuttled Frigate 356 to attract divers.

9. Nameless yacht, the Red Sea

There are various opinions regarding the history of this sunken yacht. Locals suppose that this is the remains of an American sailing ship sunk in 2002. However, Rick Verko the diving instructor claims to be the hull of the Australian yacht Endymion. He believes the ship found its peace at the bottom of the sea in 1998 due to a navigator error.

Abandoned and forgotten. The same fate is with 3 million other abandoned ships around the world.

Nameless yacht on the bottom of the Red Sea

8. Schooner Sweepstakes, Ontario, Canada

At the depth of 6 meters, a Canadian schooner, which used to transport coal, has found its last refuge. The vessel was built in 1867, but after 18 years of service, it was badly damaged near Cove Island and was towed to a bay near the town of Tobermory, where it sank.

The schooner is considered to be one of the best preserved in the Great Lakes region since the 19th century.

Schooner Sweepstakes under water

Nowadays it is a landmark of the city of Tobermory.

Schooner Sweepstakes

7. Yacht “Endless Sea”, waters of Antarctica

The shipwreck happened in 1200 kilometers from South America in early 2012. By our time, the ship hull has already been brought ashore, but there are many wonderful photos left.

Sunken yacht in Antarctica

6. USS Utah, Pearl Harbor

The ship was built in 1909 and had been of a great use during the First World War. A battleship 160 meters long and a huge crew on board wrecked during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Fifty-eight Utah crewmembers died that day, most of them still buried in a rusty, semi-submerged ship. A memorial was erected in memory of those killed on Ford Island.

This is how a real ghost ship looks like.

Sunken USS Utah

In the photo is a memorial erected in memory of the victims. You can only visit it accompanied by the military.

Мемориал на острове Форд

5. P29, Malta

Sunken vessel P29 ended up on the ocean floor relatively recently in September 2007. This 50 meter patrol boat belonged to the navy. Almost nothing known about the history of the shipwreck. P29 has become popular with divers due to its excellent location and wonderful sea views.

Most of the sensors, levers and buttons are still there.

Sunken ship P29

But the most popular is the machine gun.

A mashine gun on the ocean buttom

4. USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor

The battleship was built in the first decade of the 20th century. During the WW2 bombs fired from ten Japanese planes hit the 185-meter vessel and hit an ammunition depot. The explosion was so strong that the wave extinguished the fire that raged on the ships moored nearby.
Unfortunately, on that day 1,177 people of the Arizona crew found their deaths. This is half of those killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A memorial was erected on the remains of this sunken ship.

Sunked ship Arisona in Pearl Harbor

This is how the memorial looks from the inside.

Pearl Harbor memorial to sunken USS Arizona

3. Tugboat Rozi, Malta

Little is known about this vessel. The ship was scuttled in 1992 near the popular Cirkewwa diving site in Malta. Except for the engine and propellers, the ship preserved almost perfectly.

Rozi has become home for many sea creatures including jellyfish, which use crevices and niches as dwellings.

Sunken tugboat Rozi

2. Prince Albert, Roatan, Honduras

The vessel was deliberately scuttled in 1987 at the Coco View resort in Honduras. The freighter known as Prince Albert had a very troublous life. Prince Albert was used as a vehicle transporting refugees from Nicaragua. Later, when the need for the ship was no longer needed, it was scuttled to attract divers.

Underwater animals quickly turn such sunken ships into its home.

Sunken ship Prince Albert in Honduras

Remains of Prince Albert the ship

1. Titanic, North Atlantic

By far the most popular sunken ship. Titanic was the largest ship at 1912 with 269 meters in length. During his maiden voyage, the ship collided with an iceberg and in two and a half hours completely sank under the water. According to various estimates, the crash claimed 1,500 lives.

Another proof that there are no unsinkable ships.

Titanic on the ocean bottom

The hole that caused Titanic sank.

The photo of the hole that caused Titanic sank.

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