Bubal Tribe – Giant Testicles


The amazing African tribe Bubal lives in the deserted lands of Kenya and Somalia. In fact ‘Bubal’ is a family of antelopes in southern Africa. “So what’s the connection between them?” – you would ask. And the connection is most direct – the tribe exists only due to these Cow Antelopes.

From childhood until adulthood they consume menstrual discharge of the cows.


Some men’s scrotum grows up to 80 cm in diameter.

Scientists have found that cow’s discharge contain:

  • iron
  • phosphorus
  • calcium
  • vitamins of group B, E and D

The content of these microelements in other food of Bubals is practically nil. Therefore, such a strange diet saves the members of the tribe from diseases such as scurvy, leukemia and rickets.

The Africans themselves believe that by licking the places of cows, they acquire courage and boldness. There is also a practical value – when stimulated, the cows begin to give more milk.

For some reason, there is a persistent feeling that the men of this tribe are not very good in dances)



Huge genitals

There is an opinion that it is because of such a “diet” men scrotum grows to a completely unimaginable size. But a more likely explanation for this is the consequences of a disease that causes by parasites. It’s called brugiasis and affects the lymphatic system. This theory is also confirmed by the absence of enlarged testicles of other tribes who practice similar traditions (for example, the Mandara or Dinka tribes).

This is how the cow “stimulating” looks like. (In the photo, most likely, representatives of the Dinka tribe)


Strange customs

During the activity of blood-sucking insects, Bubal people perform another action that completely unacceptable for a civilized person – ablution in cow urine. When the animal starts to urinate, the tribal representative runs up to a cow and begins to “take a shower”.

This procedure allows to get protection from mosquitoes for some time due to ammonia which consists in urine. No need to laugh, if you were bitten by flies and mosquitoes all day, I think no one would be ashamed of such a procedure.

And this is how washing under a cow looks like. By the way, her urine makes hair red, which is fashionable among the tribe


And finally, I would like to add a few words. Appreciate your life in a civilized society, you do not understand how lucky you are to have electricity, a house, clothes. You do not have to search food every day. The Bubal tribe just survives as they can, although not in the most beautiful way.

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